JUNIPER VANILLA- with Babassu oil, Goats Milk and French Green Clay


Goats Milk and French Green Clay with the added Babassu Oil make this a star. I personally would use this as a facial soap but with clay it would be great for an all over body soap!

Juniper Sage Vanilla soothes the senses with a feathery vanilla touch on a herbaceous woody background. Juniper Sage Vanilla is not a heavy woods fragrance, but a subtly balance of herbal, wood, and creamy softness. Bottom notes of coniferous juniper melded with herbaceous middle notes of a shimmering sage, and rounded off with a brush stroke of vanilla

ingredients: babassu oil, water, olive oil, rice bran oil, shea butter, sodium hydroxide, cocoa butter, fragrance oil, french green clay and goats milk powder.

weights vary from 3.7-4.5 most are 4.5

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