handmade mistakes


I thought I would try the difficult Taiwan Swirl. I knew you had to work fast and use slow moving oils. I got everything ready, oils measured, lye water ready, micas dispersed, fragrance measured. Everything was perfect! I put the fragrance in the oils to let it be diluted. when I added the lye water…..oh no! things were moving way to fast to do the swirl. I forged on, I was going to whip this into shape. I plopped the soap batter in their appropriate places in the mold, attempted to do the swirl maneuver and crossed my fingers. After 24 hours, I unfolded and cut the bars. Yes, they are quite beautiful, but not what was intended. Yes, I will sell a couple as is but I decided later that night, I just was too happy with it. I realized that I had used a fragrance oil I had not used in a large batch, boy was that a mistake! Never, Never do that!. I then cut up the bars into small pieces , made another batch of soap and put the pieces into the stark white batter, poured into the mold again and put a little piece on the top of each slice. I really like it now and call it “Neon Confetti”. Now I am pleased and proud to sell this bar of soap! Not every thing comes out as planned, but you can still end up with a beautiful bar of soap.