THE EPIC BEAUTIFUL FAIL: was going to add to my best seller “gracie” everything was working beautifully and it was time to add the lye. Ker-Plunk went a big 4 inch circle of hardened lye. Oh no! I fished it out but really didn’t know what to do. Put it in the mold and was hoping for the best. I knew in my heart it was not going to work. Not enough lye to saponify all the oils. The next day it was time to cut it. I was right, it was very soft and you could put your finger in it. So I put it on the drying trays trying my best to come up with a solution, but I finally faced it, I didn’t know how much lye to add back to at least try for it to come together. One thing I learned was stir, stir, stir the other thing I learned…was I really had a beautiful swirl with this one! oh well, it won’t get me down, but man a lot of wasted oils with this failed batch! OUCH!