I am so excited with these 2 new products. I have been using them for quite a while now and seen some pleasing results, not only with the cleanliness of my face but the texture is so smooth. I use AMAZING GRAINS twice daily, in the morning I just sprinkle some grains in my hand and head to the shower, adding enough water to make a paste and scrub away. I love that the grains are soap free, so that means you are not stripping the natural oils from your face, but are still cleaning your face. With the grains, you do not have that feeling of your face being so dried out that you are afraid it will crack. I then follow after my shower with the AMAZING FACE CREAM. This cream has a body butter texture to it and you can actually smell the aloe in it. I purposely did not add any scent (I cannot tolerate scents on my face!). I follow at night with the grains and cream but manage to do it at the sink. They have a natural scent with the added products to do their job. Every other day I use the DETOX formula. I love using products with activated charcoal. So for my 62 year old face, these 2 new products are a winner.


The Roman legend says soap takes its name from the word “Sapo”, this was the mount where animals were sacrificed. Rain would wash the animal fat and wood ashes down the mount into the rivers. The women would wash their clothes in the river and found the mixture made their washing efforts much easier. The first actual recipe for soap making was found in 2800 BC. Soap wasn’t originally intended to wash the body, but fibers in clothing. The body washing obsession came much later!

Soap in a process where fat (vegetable or animal) and lye are combined, with the chemical reaction called saponification, you will make soap. After the saponification process, there is not lye in the soap, contrary to peoples opinion. The soap is then cured for weeks, sometimes months, to make a very mild bar of soap. The manufacturing process in the big companies hurry this process with different chemicals. One thing to note is that the big companies will take the glycerine out of the soap and sell it for more profit. Glycerine is a great emollient for your skin, the handmade soap process will leave this in. Check your bar or bottle of soap, its interesting to read the ingredients!

If you haven’t tried a great bar of soap, you should at least try it for a month. You may be surprised at how your skin feels, all nice and clean without all the leftover chemicals!



I thought I would try the difficult Taiwan Swirl. I knew you had to work fast and use slow moving oils. I got everything ready, oils measured, lye water ready, micas dispersed, fragrance measured. Everything was perfect! I put the fragrance in the oils to let it be diluted. when I added the lye water…..oh no! things were moving way to fast to do the swirl. I forged on, I was going to whip this into shape. I plopped the soap batter in their appropriate places in the mold, attempted to do the swirl maneuver and crossed my fingers. After 24 hours, I unfolded and cut the bars. Yes, they are quite beautiful, but not what was intended. Yes, I will sell a couple as is but I decided later that night, I just was too happy with it. I realized that I had used a fragrance oil I had not used in a large batch, boy was that a mistake! Never, Never do that!. I then cut up the bars into small pieces , made another batch of soap and put the pieces into the stark white batter, poured into the mold again and put a little piece on the top of each slice. I really like it now and call it “Neon Confetti”. Now I am pleased and proud to sell this bar of soap! Not every thing comes out as planned, but you can still end up with a beautiful bar of soap.




THE EPIC BEAUTIFUL FAIL: was going to add to my best seller “gracie” everything was working beautifully and it was time to add the lye. Ker-Plunk went a big 4 inch circle of hardened lye. Oh no! I fished it out but really didn’t know what to do. Put it in the mold and was hoping for the best. I knew in my heart it was not going to work. Not enough lye to saponify all the oils. The next day it was time to cut it. I was right, it was very soft and you could put your finger in it. So I put it on the drying trays trying my best to come up with a solution, but I finally faced it, I didn’t know how much lye to add back to at least try for it to come together. One thing I learned was stir, stir, stir the other thing I learned…was I really had a beautiful swirl with this one! oh well, it won’t get me down, but man a lot of wasted oils with this failed batch! OUCH!


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my soap journey


As a child, we would go to my grandparents farm and make soap. We would collect our bacon grease from the year and gather the lye and proceed to make soap very carefully. Back then on the farm you used what you had….we had bacon grease! We were told not to bathe in this soap, just use it as a pre-treat for you clothes (unless you got into some poison ivy). The recipe we used was handed down and it was not the exact science that it is today, so the fear came from lye heavy soaps.

Now I use calculators to help with the saponification of the different oils that I use to insure properly balanced soaps. I use the batch method in my soap making process. I have most of my oils in a big pot, melt them all together and use that combination to make my soap. I do not use bacon grease in my soaps. My batch is: olive oil, rice bran oil, shea butter, cocoa butter and castor oil, I then add coconut oil or babassu oil to finish out the soap base.

As an adult, I have what is called contact dermatitis My trigger is coconut oil. You will find many of my soaps, and all my lotions are coconut and palm free! Babassu is my oil of choice, that way I can safely use my handmade soaps, lotions and shave creams.

I also make many unscented products. Around our house unscented is the way to go. Many allergies are from scents! The men’s beard oil and beard balm are unscented. My thought process is: why would you want to add another scent to yourself. You probably have scented shampoo, scented deodorant, scented cologne, maybe scented hair products. How many more did you want to add?? I can add scent, I choose not to. I try to make the unscented soaps fun colors, there isn’t any reason why unscented soaps need to be boring?